When Clutter Control Needs More Than What a Housekeeper Can Give

I think its safe to say that most of us would be happier with a bit less clutter. We look at magazines with photos of well-furnished, clutter-free living rooms, and gorgeous bedrooms with a fancy breakfast tray carefully balanced on the bottom corner of the bed, and then we look around our own home and see random items strewn about and wonder if those pictures are even possible in real life.

We would love to have more space for things that we love, need, and actually use. We would love to have less stress due to having less things to manage, keep track of or clean, and we would love to be able to find the belongings we are looking for much more quickly.

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have a hard time getting rid of things. Even though we know that deep down inside it is causing us additional time and stress. We justify this by telling ourselves that the item(s) is/are valuable in some way-either something we really will need in the future, or something sentimental tha…

Organizing: Tackling the Paper Mess Part 1

It has been said that every piece of paper sitting in a pile represents a decision that was never made.

Looking at  that growing piles of paper on your counter, dresser, dashboard, desk or even dining room table can be frustrating and overwhelming, but breaking the task (and the piles) down into smaller segments will help ease some of the pain, clear some of the clutter and help restore your Stress-Free Space!

Beginning the task is often the hardest part, and I recommend you not focus on all the piles of paper, but on just one reasonably sized pile at a time. Understand that clearing clutter is an emotional task as well as a physical one, and to do it successfully you must be prepared to reduce or eliminate as much distraction as possible, and to possibly do the task over several days or even weeks.

Now, pick a single area  (such as your office/desk or kitchen/counter top) and work in 10-15 minute increments. The shorter duration of the task will help prevent overwhelm and distractio…

No Place Like Home

I love how each home that we visit, whether for a consultation, housekeeping or organizing services, candy buffet set up or a family gathering has a "heart" - a very distinct personality, one which is unique to the individuals and families living there.

I live in a quirky older home, that is filled with the imprints of the family who used to live here. (Okay, it may be a bit haunted, but not in an evil 'Amityville Horror' kind of way-no, we hear laughter, friendly chatter and music all of the time! But that will be a post for another discussion.)

In spite of some of the decor being a bit outdated, one of the things I love most about where I live is light. My front windows face east, and each morning, as I sit at my computer, I get to witness the most incredibly beautiful sunrises (see below)  from my office  window.

So today's blog is all about the home: tell us, in the comments area, what you love most about your living space. Be specific and as descriptive as …

Home Inventory Book

Happy New Year everyone!

As many of our clients are looking towards cleaning out the old, to make room for the new, I just wanted to let everyone know that our Home Inventory Book was designed with the homeowner in mind. 

It is a simply designed tool that can help you keep track of your appliances, electronics, valuables and other personal belongings. 

It contains more than 100 pages with a room by room chart and notes to help renters, homeowners, business owners, seniors and even students make a comprehensive list of serial numbers, product information and more.

You can order this now through  Amazon Books or though our Create Space E-Store

View more of our book titles here.

Avoiding Household Task Overwhelm

Overwhelmed with too many tedious tasks? You are not alone!

A recent Time Use survey found that American women spend on average, about 22 hours per week (about 2-3 hours daily) on housekeeping tasks.

That is almost one full day every week, of cleaning, organizing, laundry, food shopping, cooking, dishes, yard work, errands, and others. What's more is that those 20+ weekly hours could be used for more important things: family, educational pursuits, making more money, recreational activities, exercise, hobbies, vacation, etc.

While people cannot always entirely eliminate that sense of overwhelm, they can take action to minimize it. There is nothing more stressful than coming home to visual noise in the form of clutter. Hiring a personal assistant, professional organizer or a housekeeping professional can greatly reduce your stress by removing the clutter & grime, and reducing the number of hours you spend on these daily tasks. The benefit is that you only have to focus on your …

The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors

Last week, Some questions came in regarding the best way to clean hardwood floors, so today's post will hopefully give you some answers.
I will start first with what NOT to do: Do NOT mop wood floors! Do NOT use vinegar, bleach, products with de-greasers or harsh cleaners. Standing water and chemicals can seep into the bevels and cracks of the wood, causing it to swell and layers to peel. 
Mopping wood floors with vinegar, chemicals or water is the best way to shorten their life span. The same goes for bamboo and laminate floors. Water from a bucket left on the surface can leave stains and cause peeling and buckling. 
The absolute best way to keep your wood floors clean is to be sure to remove shoes before coming in the house, vacuum or dry mop daily, and avoid spills. But we need to be realistic, and we need to live in our homes.
So the trick is, to use as little water as possible, and to dry washed areas completely.  To accomplish this for our clients, we only use microfiber cloths …

Peacock Eyes

One of the ways our housekeepers take pride in their work is through their eye for detail. We represent that quality in our Peacock mascot & logo.

But did you know the mythology behind how the Peacock got eyes on its feathers? You can thank Hera-Greek Queen of the Gods and goddess of marriage.

You can read more about how it all happened here: Argus & the Peacock's Tail

In addition, scientists have studied these eye patterns from an evolutionary perspective. Here is what they found: Mystery Solved: Why Peacocks got Their Eyespots

Do you love Peacocks as much as we do? Here is a Sun catcher to enjoy all year round! Peacock Stained Glass Sun Catcher

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