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Planning Kid's Parties: Put Your Ego Aside

For this post, I had to call in a favor to our resident children's Party Expert, The Party Fairie. aka, my daughter.

The Party Fairie, (pictured below) has been entertaining children and their families in Villages in and around the Kingdom of Greater Philadelphia for thousands of years. (Well, maybe about 15 years, but you get the idea!)

Her mantra is: "All for fun, and fun for all!" And that is the first thing she wants parents to keep in mind when entertaining children: keep it fun! and remember that what might seem fun for you, may not be so fun for the kids.

A few years ago, I was asked to volunteer to help plan a local school picnic for the 8th grade class. This was to be a joint project between myself and the parent's club. 

Aside from the parent's committee making the kids bring their own lunches, and the treasurer not knowing what the budget was, that same committee spent nearly $1500 on t-shirts (which could have been gotten for free if they would have allow…