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Kid's Rooms: Book Nooks

Its not the best photo but a 
one of our clients has repurposed a dollhouse and created this simple reading nook for her 7 year old. 
All the books are in one area and of course, we added a comfy beanbag chair for lounging.
We may not realize it, but children experience stress too, and therefore need space and time to rest, relax and renew. Soft furnishings, blankets and toys allow children opportunities for privacy, relaxation and comfort. 
Cozy, stress-free spaces such as this, provide a designated area for reading, coloring or other quiet activities to occur and should be protected from excessive noise and active play so that children can snuggle, daydream and lounge when they need to. 


Room for Children: Stylish Spaces  for Sleep and Play


This Could be Why That Load of Wash is Unbalanced

I'm thinking that this could be the reason for those unbalanced loads...?

Double check next time, OK?

Controlling the Clutter: Kitchen Project

We helped a client organize her kitchen today. We finished in just under 4 hours, threw away what was broken, donated what does not get used and rearranged a bit so that the appliances that she likes and uses most are more accessible.

We found a place for all the kitchen counter top appliances that were rarely used, and cleared away the surface clutter. 

When my client and I were finished organizing today, she looked around her kitchen and said "Ohhh, can you just feel the calm?" 
By organizing the appliances and drawers so that the most used items are more accessible, we just saved this client about 5 hours or more a week. That is about 20 hours a month and 240 hours a year!!
What would you do with all that extra time?
Tell us in the comments below!

*Organizing Tip: I use small colorful canisters like the ones pictured below on my kitchen counters to hide the small items that don't really belong anywhere. Perfectly functional AND decorative! To order a set of your own, c…

Controlling the Clutter: Sorting Mail

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to a huge pile of unopened, un-handled mail! tossing it onto the hall table, buffet or kitchen counter only adds to visual static, and subconsciously creates stress.
Today we picked up and sorted a client's mail. She is older and just had some surgery she is recovering from, so we are helping her to keep up with bills and down with clutter! 
You can use this same simple system we use to keep mail clutter to a minimum:
First, standing right over the trash can, I immediately discarded the circulars, (some were doubles) and the obvious junk mail so that only the important mail remains to be opened and handled. 
Bills and statements went in the 'Handle Now' basket, and other mail (such as get well cards and other correspondence) went in the 'Later' basket. 
Total time saved for client:about an hour or two each week. That is about 8 hours a month or 50 - 100 hours a year.
What would you do with an extra 100 hours a year?

Tell …

Children's Party Planning Made Simple

Planning and facilitating kids parties can be so much fun, but sometimes by the time you plan the menu, figure out the entertainment, hunt for and assemble the favors, you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Here are some of our tried and true tips for simplifying the process so that you and your child can focus on the fun!

1-Serve simple "Finger Foods"-
Finger foods are easy to prepare and serve-including dessert (cupcakes rather than a sheet or layer cake). Finger foods also eliminate the need for cutlery and leave less food wasted. Try pizza rolls or mini pizzas, chicken fingers, or these easy Mac & Cheese Muffins. For healthier (or special diet) options, offer a kid-friendly version of a fruit or veggie platter with dressings or dips. Juice boxes or pouches can be put out in a bucket with ice, and kids can serve themselves a liquid refreshment!

2-Combine an activity with a function- for example, rather than searching for themed pieces for goodie bags, have kids decorate thei…

A Place for Everything

We recently helped one of our clients find a place for her cork collection.

She has been saving corks for many years. Each cork is from a bottle of wine used to celebrate a memorable event, such as her wedding, her first home, the birth of each of her daughter's, etc.
We have placed them in some vintage mason jars (the rims are chipped so they cannot be used for canning) topped with a glass votive candle. Now both the candle and the memories can be enjoyed!

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Free to Be... A Housekeeper

For those of you too young to remember...

Free to Be… You and Me, was a project of theMs. Foundation for Women in the 1970's.

The projectincluded arecord albumand illustrated book first released in November 1972 featuring songs and stories sung or told by the celebrities of the day (credited as "Marlo Thomasand Friends") includingAlan Alda,Rosey Grier,Cicely Tyson,Carol ChanningMichael Jackson,Shirley Jones,Jack Cassidy, andDiana Ross. A television special using poetry, songs, and sketches, followed two years later in March 1974. 

The basic concept of this project was to break post-1960s gender stereotyping, and to encourage values such as individuality, tolerance, and being comfortable with one's own identity. 

The prominent message was and still is that anyone—whether a boy or a girl—can achieve anything.

In this clip, Ms. Channing brilliantly and cleverly explains to young listeners in a limerick-type monologue, how housework is NOT just "women's work"…