Cooking: Salad Solutions

We love fresh garden salads in our house, but we each like different things in it: Jay likes iceberg lettuce, onions and sliced mushrooms, Lauren does NOT like olives or tomatoes (unless they are grape tomatoes), and I like baby spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds and feta cheese.

So after grocery shopping and during my 'once a week' cooking, (I will discuss that in a separate blog post) I take about 20 minutes to wash, dry and prepare the salad greens, vegetables and other salad fixings, and place them in separate containers, so that individual salad preparation is a breeze. 

At dinnertime, I can just set out everything on the buffet - 'salad bar' style, and have everyone make their own. Time saved: about 30 minutes each time salad is served.

That is what we call a Stress-Free Salad!

What time-savers do you use in your own kitchen?

Tell us in the comments below!


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