Saturday, April 9, 2016

How Much Food Should I Buy?

Photo: Bucks County Taste
"How much food should I buy? is a question we are asked often. The answer will vary depending on what type of occasion or event, (a cocktail party would require less food than an outdoor picnic.) whether or not it is a brunch, dinner, sit down or appetizer reception, how long your event will be held, and in many cases, the ratio of children to adults at your gathering.

In addition, men generally eat more than women, and the richness of the food will also come into play when determining the proper amount of food to purchase.

One general rule of thumb is to always round your final food estimate up rather than down. It is way better to have more food than needed, than to run out before your party has ended.

Another "trick" is to fill in with rolls, breads and other "bulk foods" which require little or no additional preparation.

Good menu planning would include consideration of food colors, temperatures, textures & tastes, as well as the range of foods offered (You don't want to repeat ingredients). You ultimately want some variety without overdoing it. Keeping it as simple as possible makes your guests feel at ease and reduces your stress level as well.

We've compiled several Party Planning Guides for our readers, including lists for how much food to buy. These are for you to download, print out and keep handy for your next occasion.

Please feel free to post any other questions or comments below.

Happy Entertaining!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Power of the Peacock: Why a Peacock?

We have had some recent questions as to what made us decide to use a Peacock as our mascot, rather than a maid, vacuum cleaner or mop, and what do we mean when we say, "The Power of the Peacock"

We made a short video on this topic, but wanted to also summarize in our own words.

The decision to use the Peacock was not random! 

When I started my original company (20 years ago) I wanted it to be as unique as the clients I served, and to be able to leave a lasting impression on everyone I worked with. Over time, Eclectic Domestics has developed into something very close to what I imagined. The Peacock with its stunning plumage and distinctly unique call, reminds me to keep striving towards offering the customized services my clients ask for.

As far as other Peacock symbolism:

  • Greek Mythology: the Goddess Hera is said to have given the Peacock "many eyes"- (representing our eye for detail.)
  • Chinese Legend: the perfect blending of plumage colors represents harmony. (We maintain and preserve the order and harmony in the homes and other dwellings we service for our clients.)
  • Egyptian Lore: The Peacock is associated with Ra, the Sun god. (We strive to leave each environment warmer, lighter, brighter, and more welcoming to those who live there or visit.)
  • Religious/Spiritual: The Peacock represents renewal or "arising from the ashes" (which is what we wish to do for each and every client and community we serve.)
  • Other Symbolism: Integrity, authenticity, prestige, pride, showing of "true colors". (All the qualities & characteristics we strive daily to incorporate into our work and lives.)
With every project, we endeavor to be like the Peacock-
proud to show our colors!

That, my friends is 
"The Power of the Peacock!"

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boursin Cheese Spread

When we are asked to help plan spring & summer ‪‎picnics‬ and other family ‪‎gatherings‬, One of our most requested appetizers is our Boursin Cheese‬ Spread. This delicious treat is not for those of you watching your cholesterol, so the trick is to not over-indulge, and just eat a small amount of it. Its a perfect compliment to ham or prosciutto, and delicious served on a toasted baguette, pita chips or crackers. You and your guests will love it!
This Recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups, and takes 2-3 days of 'aging' for the flavors to blend.
8 oz cream cheese softened,
1/2 cup butter softened,
1 TBS lemon juice or white wine,
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce,
1/2 tsp dry or dijon mustard,
1 TBS parsley, finely minced,
1 TBS fresh chives, minced,
1/2 tsp dried tarragon,
1 garlic clove finely minced,
1/4 tsp dill weed,
Dash of freshly ground black pepper.
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mash together with a fork until blended. 
Then, stir with a spoon until well mixed. 
Place in refrigerator, in a crock or airtight container, for 3 days. 
When ready to serve, bring to room temperature. Will keep up to 2 weeks refrigerated, if it lasts that long! 


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Monday, April 4, 2016

Moscato Lemonade (For Grownups!)

Photo Credit: Classy Coolers (Facebook)

This "Lemonade for Grownups" not only looks pretty, but is so refreshing! 

Now all we need is for someone to have a brunch, a shower or just throw a party so my Bartenders can make a pitcher or two of these! 

Who wants to book a party?

What would you serve with this refreshing cocktail?

(Put your answers in the comments!)