About Us

Barbara Gini, is a former educator, author and the founder of Eclectic Domestics - Home & Hospitality,  (partner company to Resurrection Home Restorations. ) She has more than 15 years experience providing home & hospitality services for families and individuals in Southern NJ, Bucks County PA & surrounding areas. 

Barbara's company was founded on the principals of reliability, efficiency, integrity and authenticity, and specializes in a variety of interrelated services, such as residential housekeeping, laundry, organizing, grocery & meal preparation, party-tending, bridal concierge, property care-taking and more. 

What sets Barbara apart is the eclectic range of products & services she provides for her clients. She and her elite staff, helps keep & manage homes as if they were her own. Barbara is skilled in providing the extra support clients need to
run a household efficiently and stress-free so families can spend time doing those other important things, like relaxing with kids, healing from surgery or celebrating with guests.

Barbara and her dedicated team, are knowledgeable, trustworthy & reliable, and when needed, can can provide extra sets of hands, specified skills or emotional support for daily or urgent home or hospitality tasks.

This blog has been set up as a free resource for busy families, other housekeepers and service providers, and those who strive for a comfortable orderly home, stress-free entertaining, and an eclectic lifestyle filled with food, friendship & fun.

Feel free to contact Barbara directly: bg.bgini@gmail.com


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