Housekeepers for Healing


Housekeepers For Healing

Eclectic Domestics knows how important it is to support your local community by giving something back. We regularly support local schools and charitable organizations through financial & raffle donations, as well as donating our time and expertise. These organizations hold special meaning for us, and we would like you to please keep them in mind if you are able to help support them in their missions.

Our own charitable division is called "Housekeepers for Healing", and was created in honor our founder's mother in law who recently lost her brave and long battle with bone, ovarian and lung cancer. As the illness progressed, some days she had energy and others she did not, which made it difficult for her to perform those everyday household tasks necessary to keep the calm, organized environment that she needed. We know there are so many other women in similar situations, who just need a little bit of help to keep things in order while they go through the necessary treatment they need to heal.

"Housekeepers for Healing" matches our small army of hand picked volunteers, with clients who need support in the form of low or no cost housekeeping assistance while they convalesce. A small portion of our revenue along with small donations from our regular client pool helps cover the cost of our housekeeper's supplies and travel. These funds are used directly to support the clients who need it most, and not for exorbitant advertising, or administrative costs.

To refer someone for consideration or for specifics on how donated funds are used, please contact Barbara:


This charitable division was only recently formed, and has not been registered as a non-profit as of yet. Housekeepers for Healing is a division of our company which uses a portion of revenue for a charitable purpose. However, if the client feedback & need is great enough, we will consider incorporating it as a 501c3 in the near future. 


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